Professor of Pop Culture - David Beer

After a long and almost unscheduled hiatus, the Religion and Popular Culture Podcast is back!!

This time, we’re talking to David Beer, from University of York, about his work on the sociology of popular culture. We discuss his work on data politics, as well as the perils and positives of teaching popular culture modules.

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Contemporary Yoga - Theodora Wildcroft

This time I talk to Theodora Wildcroft at the Open University Religious Studies conference about her work on contemporary Yoga. We discuss what Yoga is, the complications of studying contemporary practices constantly changing, and even what religion is.

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The Dark Goddess on YouTube - Áine Warren

This time I talk with Áine Warren, currently doing a PhD at Edinburgh University on the Dark Goddess. We talk about how people share their information and devotion on YouTube primarily, and a little on other social media and mass media sources.

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Christmas - Lucinda Murphy

Apologies for background noise on this one. I did my best, but learned a lot. Thank you for hanging in there, those who did.

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