Site Updates

Bit of a boring post today, sorry. But expect a new blog post concerning Tulpas, gods, and Slender Man soon!

Bit of housekeeping notes necessary, but I'll keep it short. You may have noticed that there's an extra tab on the page labelled "Videos". The first video currently there is one which was recorded back in July for the ASA Conference, which I discussed in an earlier post about pilgrimage and Journey. Enjoy it, leave comments that either call us all idiots or whatever you want. The point is to keep the conversation going online now that we're no longer at the conference. (I also apologize for some of the audio issues - it was the main reason it took so long to edit in the first place).

That tab is also where I'll be trying my hand at video essays in the future. Give it a few months before you expect one, but I'm just seeing how it goes. Let me know if you like it or hate it.

Anyway, that's it for now. Told ya it was short today. I'll be back to posting about religion and pop culture soon.