God Mode is an approach to religion and popular culture which focuses on keeping the discussion away from the Ivory Tower. It is my attempt to rethink the approach to make the "field" of my study the "field" of my home, as it is has almost always been a home for me. In some ways, I am the native anthropologist, suddenly entrusted to study my own homeland and to speak for my community. But I wish for my community to speak for themselves, with their own voices and their own stories.

So this blog is a place to share these voices and stories. It is also a place to share my own. Thus, the posts will sometimes vary with style: sometimes the post will be a well researched piece, but other times it will be more reflexive and narrative.

Who Am I?

I'm Vivian Asimos. I was born and raised in Orange Park, Florida; the part of Florida that heavily believes it is southern Georgia. I got my Bachelor in Religious Studies at the University of South Florida, in Tampa. I then packed all my belongings into two boxes and a suitcase and moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where I got my Masters in Religious Studies. I currently live in Durham, England, where I'm getting my PhD (in Religious Studies, surprise!). My interest in religion and popular culture began when I realized the surpisingly small number of academics talking about religion and video games. While the number is now growing, I believe it is still an important media form that is often overlooked. However, it is difficult to talk about only one form of content in popular culture, as video games are both influenced by and influencers of online discourse. So I decided to combine the two, and look into how narratives of video games and about video games are communicated and influenced by online communities and narratives.

You can find me online on Twitter (I swear I'll be more active on it. I promise!). Or, you can add me on any gaming platform you like.